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White Plains Court Reporter

With a reputation for commitment to excellence, each certified court reporter of Chait Digital thrives in the hectic legal environment of Westchester County, New York. The next time the case you're working on requires depositions in White Plains, New York, give Chait Digital a call.


Every Chait Digital court reporter is trained in the latest stenographic and captioning technology including realtime reporting and the ability to provide secure E-transcripts. If you want other members of your legal team to keep up to the minute on the depositions held in White Plains, a Chait Digital court reporter offers live transmission of the transcript and video using LiveNote and Vbrick technology over the internet to anywhere your team is located.


Just think of all the money you'll save on travel costs alone, not to mention the travel time.

Legal Videographer in White Plains

Every certified legal video specialist on the Chait Digital team is ready to videotape your depositions in White Plains using the latest in digital technology.


There are so many reasons to videotape a deposition. If your expert will not be able to attend the trial or if your firm wants to save the expense of having the expert at trial, using a Chait Digital videographer is the perfect solution. Long pauses and the demeanor of the witness do not come through when reading a transcript. Let a professional certified videographer from Chait Digital videotape your next deposition in White Plains. Every Chait Digital videographer follows the National Court Reporters Association guidelines for videotaping depositions.


We also provide video-transcript synchronization services for trial presentation. With this service you can view the transcript and video simultaneously on your laptop anywhere.

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