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Locate a Bridgeport Court Reporter

Whether you're a local attorney in Bridgeport or are traveling across the country to take a deposition, Chait Digital is the place to call for a court reporters and/or a certified legal video specialist.


Every court reporter at Chait Digital has extensive experience and is dedicated to providing the best service possible using the latest technologies.

With realtime reporting you can view the transcript right on your computer during the deposition. Chait Digital also offers remote access reporting for times when the entire legal team wants to view or hear the deposition, but doesn't have the time to be in Bridgeport.


Every Chait Digital court reporter also has the ability to provide you with secure E-transcripts.

Locate a Bridgeport Court Reporter

As you know, a transcript doesn't show everything that happens at a deposition. Lengthy pauses, the witness' glances at his attorney for coaching, facial expressions, and overall demeanor can only be captured by videotaping a deposition.


Every videographer at Chait Digital are trained in the latest digital video technology and follow the protocol established by the National Court Reporters Association for videotaping depositions.

Rather than wasting time searching through videotapes for testimony, Chait Digital can transfer your videotaped depositions to DVD or CD so you can view them anywhere using your laptop. A Chait Digital videographer can also synchronize the transcript with the video for trial presentation.


Chait Digital video-text synchronization saves you money and time on costly professional editing. By highlighting the transcript on-screen and clicking you can create your own edited video and transcript.

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