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Find a Stamford Court Reporter

Call Chait Digital whenever you need a court reporter in Stamford, Connecticut.


Every certified Stamford court reporter at Chait Digital has advanced training in all the latest technologies, including realtime reporting as well as the ability to provide secure E-Transcripts.


With realtime reporting you can see the transcript on your computer screen during the deposition. Also, ask about our remote access reporting service the next time you need a Stamford Court Reporter and find it's too difficult for your whole legal team to travel. 


We'll be glad to transmit the deposition using LiveNote and/or VBrick technologies over the internet to any location.

Legal Videographer in Stamford

Each certified legal video specialist on the Chait Digital the team provides the latest in digital video technology.


When you request a videographer from Chait Digital for a deposition in Stamford, know that you'll receive the highest quality video services available.

You no longer have to waste time fast forwarding deposition videotapes while watching television with a VCR. Chait Digital can transfer your videotaped depositions to CD or DVD so you can play them on your laptop anywhere. A Chait Digital videographer can also synchronize the transcript provided by the court reporter with the video onto CD for trial presentation.

Your next deposition in Stamford, Connecticut may take place in a hotel or at a law firm or in a doctor's office. Each Chait Digital court reporter and videographer (Certified Legal Video Specialist) will see to it that your law firm receives the litigation support you require.

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