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Locate a New Haven Court Reporter

If you're deposing an expert who teaches at Yale University or a witness whose company is in New Haven, Connecticut, let Chait Digital provide your firm with a certified court reporter and/or a certified legal video specialist.


One of the services a court reporters on Chait Digital's team can provide is realtime reporting so that you can see the testimony instantly on your laptop during the deposition.


Each Chait Digital court reporter can also provide remote access reporting so that your entire legal team need not be in New Haven to view and/or hear the deposition.


We can also provide a court reporter and videographer to videocast both the transcript and the video over the internet to any location using LiveNote and VBrick technology.

New Haven Videographer

Whether your depositions in New Haven are held in spacious conference rooms or tiny doctor's offices, a certified videographer from Chait Digital will provide you with the best exposure and lighting as well as the cleanest audio using the latest digital video technology.

So you don't have to waste time rewinding and fast forwarding videotapes looking for testimony, a Chait Digital videographer can transfer the deposition tapes to DVD or CD so you can view them on your computer.


A videographer on the Chait Digital team also can provide video-text synchronization which allows you to highlight the transcript on your computer screen and with a simple click you create clips to play at trial.

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