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Find a Boston Court Reporter

Each court reporter and videographer on the Chait Digital team looks forward to providing our litigation support services in Boston, Massachusetts to your firm. Every Chait Digital court reporter is trained in the latest stenographic and captioning technology. From realtime reporting to E-Transcripts, Chait Digital provides it all.


Call on us to provide a highly proficient court reporter and/or a certified legal video specialist to provide remote access reporting services can transmit your deposition transcript and/or video securely over the internet to your colleagues, associates or paralegals using LiveNote and VBrick technology. Maximize productivity while reducing travel time and costs.

Every court reporter at Chait Digital can hyperlink your transcripts, video and/or exhibits. With the click of your mouse you will have immediate access using an electronic version of the transcript that contains links to exhibits and video. Eliminate the need to transport the physical documents and videotapes around with a secure hyperlinked electronic file.

Locate a Boston Videographer

Every videographer at Chait Digital follows the protocol established by the National Court Reporters Association for videotaping depositions.


Transcripts don't always reveal what really happened at a deposition. Long pauses, facial expressions and the witness' demeanor can only be seen on video. Every videographer at Chait Digital is trained in the latest digital video technology.

You may have travelled to Boston to take your deposition while the trial may be across the country. With a videotaped deposition you will preserve your witness' testimony and save the costs of having your witness present at trial. Call us the next time you need to depose a witness in Boston.

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