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Court Reporter Services

  • Remote access reporting


  • Safe remote and in-person depositions. Shields provided to increase safety


  • Realtime reporting


  • View scrolling transcript on your laptop during deposition and make notations while listening


  • Realtime text and/or video transmitted via the internet to any location using Live/Note and/or VBrick technologies


  • Maximize your team's productivity while avoiding travel time and costs


  • Using a secure internet line, instant messages can be sent between your team

Court Reporter Services


  • Video Recording of depositions


  • Certified legal video specialists use the most advanced digital video equipment


  • Video editing for case-related materials including depositions, day-in-the-life videos, surveillance tapes, news footage, movie clips


  • Videography or photography of inventory


  • Legal/architectural photography


  • 3D Animation

Video Camera Lens

Video-Transcript Synchronization

  • There's no need to waste time fast-forwarding and rewinding videotape trying to find testimony. With Chait Digital's synchronized, encoded video you will instantly locate testimony by typing in a key word or page/line number.

  • Chait Digital can format your trial presentation for VideoNote, TrialDirector, Sanction, or Summation

  • We combine video with text and exhibits on a DVD

Video Transcript

Localizing Subpoenas

  • We convert out-of-state subpoenas to Connecticut subpoenas, and physically serve them upon the entity or deponent

  • Out of state process serving

DVD & CD Duplication

  • Chait Digital provides CD & DVD duplication services on time from any format: VHS, SVHS, DVCAM, DVD, CD .

  • DVD replication (glass masters)

  • All formats accepted (NTSC, PAL, SECAM).

Localizing Subpoenas

Chait Digital's prices are highly competitive with discounted rates for repeat customers.

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