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Find a Greenwich Court Reporter

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, Chait Digital is ready to provide your firm with top notch litigation support.


If you're deposing an expert in Greenwich who won't be available to attend the trial, let Chait Digital provide you with a certified court reporter as well as a professional legal videographer to videotape the deposition following NCRA protocol.


Then you will have the actual expert on tape to present his or her deposition at trial. Chait Digital also provides courtroom playback services at the time of your trial as well as video-transcript synchronization.

Chait Digital Court Reporter

You will find each court reporter from Chait Digital to be professional, qualified and accurate.


Along with realtime reporting, Chait Digital offers live transmission of the transcript and video from Greenwich using LiveNote and VBrick technology over the internet to anywhere other attorneys who are participating in the case are located.


Have your colleagues keep up to the minute on depositions without the expense and bother of traveling to each location.

Legal Videographer in Greenwich

Regardless of where your deposition is held in Greenwich — whether it be at a witness' home or hospital bed, or at a conference room or law firm, rest assured that the Certified Legal Video Specialist from Chait Digital will set up the equipment in an unobtrusive manner and provide the best lighting and audio quality possible.


Each Chait Digital videographer uses a professional backdrop for proper exposure of skin tones and to present a neutral setting.


The videographer also sees to it that the court reporter has the best location for maximum viewing and hearing of the witness' testimony and attorneys' examinations.


Call us the next time you want to depose a witness in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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