Hartford Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut

FInd a Hartford Court Reporter

When you need to take a deposition in Hartford, the bustling capitol city of the state of Connecticut, call Chait Digital. Every Chait Digital certified court reporter is dedicated, fast, and most importantly, accurate. Let Chait Digital be your one stop when you need a court reporter and certified legal video specialist. Each realtime court reporter use a program that instantly translates their keystrokes into words on your computer screen during the deposition. With realtime you see the witness' testimony immediately and never need to have questions read back by the court reporter. Chait Digital also provides secure E-Transcripts as well as remote access reporting. If other members of your legal team cannot be in Hartford, Connecticut but want to stay up to the minute on the Deposition's progress, Chait Digital offers live transmission of the deposition over the internet. Using LiveNote and VBrick technology the transcript and video can be transmitted to any location you request.

Hartford Videographer

Whether your deposition in Hartford is being held at the home of a witness or in a conference room or in a hospital, a Chait Digital videographer will provide the highest quality video using the latest digital video technology. At Chait Digital every videographer follows the National Court Reporters Association's protocol when videotaping a deposition.

You no longer need to waste time in front of a television fast forwarding tapes to locate testimony. A videographer on Chait Digital's team is happy to transfer your videotaped depositions to DVD or CD so you can view them on your laptop anywhere. We can also provide video-text synchronization for your trial presentation.